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Petrix Maps
Oil & Well Navigation

Petrix maps is designed to make searching, favoriting, and navigating to oilfields easy. Search for oilfields by api number or by location. We frequently update our databases with the latest well sites within the cloud. Get access to oilfields within seconds without having to update the app!

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What We Offer

Convenience & Ease Of Use

Not only can you find wellsites by well name or api number, you can also use our virtual assistant search functionality to make your searching even more easier (available on iOS, coming soon to Android)!

Affordability & Access to the Latest Information

Keeping things affordable while providing unlimited monthly cloud updates to oilfields in the United States. You can even see the oilfield's status and find out whether it's active or not.

How it works

Some Key Features
Of Petrix Maps

Just to highlight some features of our oilfield navigator app.

Cloud Updates

We won’t charge you any additional rates to get the latest data. Free frequent database updates in the cloud; no need to download anything!

Largest Well Database

We provide the latest well information from over 23 states! Get access to the largest well navigation database.

Share Wellsites

Easily share your wellsite locations with your coworkers and friends. They can navigate and gain access to the latest well information.

Petrix Maps Oilfield Navigator

Flexible Oilfield Search

Petrix Maps enables you to search for wellsites by well name, API number, and geohash.

Marker Search

Use the built in marker search functionality to find nearby wellsites within a fixed radius.

Save Your Wellsites

Have multiple wellsites to navigate to in the future? Save it in the app via the bookmarks feature.

Free MONTHLY Cloud Updates

Gain access to our constantly updating cloud database to stay up-to-date with nearby wellsites. We update our cloud database monthly.

Wellsite Information

Petrix Maps also displays information about the wellsite, such as their status.

Level Up With Petrix Maps Enterprise

Need to operate at scale? Petrix Maps Enterprise offers you a web-based platform where you can easily find wellsites, manage users, track users, and more!

Preview of Petrix Maps

Of Our Oilfield Navigator App

Petrix Maps Oilfield Name Search

Oilfield Search Result

Petrix Maps Virtual Assistant Nearby Oilfield Search

Virtual Assistant Nearby Oilfield Search

Petrix Maps Virtual Assistant Oilfield Search

Virtual Assistant Oilfield Search

Petrix Maps Oilfields Nearby Radius Search Satellite View

Nearby Oilfield Search - Satellite

Petrix Maps Oilfields Nearby Radius Search Standard View

Nearby Oilfield Search - Standard

Petrix Maps Oilfield Search Results Markers

Oilfield Search Results

Petrix Maps Oilfield Search Suggestions

Oilfield Search Suggestions

Petrix Maps Oilfield Well Information

Oilfield Well Information

Navigate to Nearby Oilfields Today

Search, favorite, and navigate to nearby oilfield locations.


What Users Say
About Petrix Maps

Here are some feedback from our Petrix Maps oilfield app users.

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J.R. Hickman

Used to use rig data. This app is $6 cheaper per month. Found the past 6 wells I've been looking for, & Google Maps is 99% accurate. Map would be better for finding the newer lease rds.

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Tony Harut

Had a hard time finding some oil fields in North Dakota until I found this app. The support was also extremely friendly and responsive. Thanks!

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Chris Rogen

Found all the oil fields in the panhandle of Oklahoma and Texas. I recommended this to coworkers for navigating to wellsite. Had a question for search and support was quick to answer. Extra star for support team.

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Arvin Ghaloosian

Best most useful wellsite map I have ever used highly recommended

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Sean Tolino

I’ve had a very smooth experience with this app. Easy to use, fast, and helps me quickly find and navigate to the well-sites I’m interested in. This app is much better than any of the other options in the store. Highly recommend it!

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Healing Meditations

This app is very helpful especially with the satellite images and the fact that I can share the locations with a click of a button.